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Above & Beyond

August Division, now known as Nicole Lim Divisions following a company-wide rebranding exercise, is a close-knitted team that runs like a family. While we come from diverse backgrounds, each with a different personality, each with different strengths and skills, we are united in our vision of ABOVE & BEYOND – to be a cut above the rest, to exceed expectations and limiting beliefs and to deliver impressive results.

All our team leaders are top salespeople themselves. We are on the ground, alongside our agents, and know the market sentiments intimately. As the real estate industry is evolving rapidly, change is the name of the game. Our team leaders are always at the forefront to embrace new norms and technology and guide our agents along.

Everyone is given opportunities to grow, to take on leadership roles, and are encouraged to take on a dual career path to excel in both personal sales and team-building.

Real People, Real Results

Nicole Lim Divisions is replete with success stories. Whatever your aspirations and motivations, we are committed to empowering you with the necessary knowledge and skills to help you achieve your career goals and dream lifestyle.

Jeanette Huang Success Story

Before Jeanette became a real estate agent, she was doing fine in her corporate job. Career progression was however not going as planned. Curious about the property industry, Jeanette attended the Career Opportunity Talk and has not looked back since. Jeanette is a multiple Centurion Cup award-winner and is one of the rare few who has made more than $150,000 commission in one single deal!

Being a people person, connecting with clients and helping them with their property portfolios bring immense satisfaction to Jeanette. She earns top dollar while doing exactly what she enjoys and by age 30, Jeanette is the proud owner of her dream car, a sleek coupe; and also a private property.

Centurion Shawn Kuah

A former cabin crew, Shawn joined the real estate industry in January 2020. Being a firm believer in service excellence, Shawn always strives to deliver an exceptional experience to his clients. Within the short span of 1 year, Shawn has amassed substantial experience in the residential property segment, having transacted almost everything from landed homes, condos, developer new launches, HDB flats and even room rentals.

In January 2021, his hard work paid off, ranking #2 for ERA Top 5 New Achievers. He was also received the prestigious ERA Diamond Award as well as the Centurion Cup  for earning more than $100K commission in a month!

Centurion Marisa Ong

Attention to detail, exemplary service and a sincere heart – these are traits that have served Marisa well in her previous career in luxury retail and have propelled her success in the real estate industry, winning her the ERA Diamond Award and Centurion Cup twice for earning more than $100K commission within a single month. Even so, Marisa proactively upgrades her knowledge and skillsets, so she can firmly position herself as a trusted advisor to her clients despite being a Millennial.

Just by putting in the same hours and dedication into her new career, the rewards have been manifold for Marisa. Within months, she was able to buy her first car. She also has more time for her family and personal interests.

Nicsson Kwok

Driven by entrepreneurial instinct, Nicsson left an illustrious career in the media industry to foray into real estate full-time in January 2020. In just a few weeks, Nicsson was honoured as ERA’s Top 100 Achievers in February 2020 and then again, in April 2020. He also attained the ERA Diamond / Centurion Cup awards multiple times by grossing more than $100,000 commission in a month.

Many thought Nicsson’s solid background in corporate sales was the key to his quick success. However, sales on a personal, one-to-one level is totally different. Nicsson’s willingness to adapt, his humbleness in seeking mentorship as well as a genuine enthusiasm in assisting his clients are the all-important factors to his accomplishments.

Work Hard, Play Hard

As cliché as it sounds, we are a team that works hard and plays hard.

We have regular trainings to keep everyone’s skills razor sharp. We have chat groups to support every aspect of the business, everyone can ask questions and get answers quickly so you never have to miss an opportunity. We are constantly meeting up online and offline to bounce ideas off each other and to brainstorm new initiatives. Not forgetting our events where everyone comes together to relax and party!

We have Got You Covered

Join us at ERA and you can look forward to:

  • Proven sales system to help both new agents and experienced agents achieve breakthroughs.
  • Mobile apps to enhance work and marketing efficiency.
  • ERA tech tools to effortlessly create websites with social media marketing integration.
  • Dual career path in sales and management.
  • Personal mentorship and guidance.
  • Effective on-the-job training programs to help new agents kickstart their career.
  • Launch / project marketing opportunities for new condominiums, Executive Condominiums, commercial property, industrial property and even overseas property.
  • On-going classroom coaching sessions to keep your skills and knowledge relevant to the market and ahead of competitors.
  • Cohesive, supportive and caring team culture and regular team-bonding activities.
  • Friendly ERA service staff and excellent administrative assistance.

Our Trainers: Jeanette Huang, Nicole Lim, Beatrice Ng, Heng Kok Liang.

Our Leaders at ST Jobs Fair.

August Division OJT Door-Knocking

On-the-Job Training.


Business Conference and Summits.

August Project Training

Training on New Launch / Developer Projects.

August Business Review

1-to-1 Business Planning & Coaching.

Quarterly Top Achievers Celebration

Quarterly Top Achievers Celebration.

Quarterly Team Bonding Activities

Quarterly Team-Bonding Activities.

NicoleLimDivisons X'mas Party 2023

Annual Christmas Party

ERA Annual / Quarterly / Monthly Awards

Annual / Quarterly / Monthly Awards & Recognition.

At ERA PREEMINENT GROUP NICOLE LIM DIVISIONS, we have groomed many top achievers and helped our agents attain the prestigious ERA Diamond Award and the coveted Preeminent Group Centurion Cup by earning at least $100,000 commission within a single month.

Make your move now. Join us and #WinTogether with us!

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