Team Leaders

The Dual Career Roadmap

  • Have you always wanted to embark on team management but have no idea how to, without compromising your own sales performance?
  • Are you currently leading a team of agents but not sure how to train them or help them improve their incomes?
  • Are you encountering difficulties retaining your existing agents, much less expand your team?
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of support from your upline, group and company?

Here's How We Can Help

Preeminent Group Nicole Lim Divisions is one of the Top 10 Divisions in Recruitment in ERA. Our agents’ career progression is important to us. They are encouraged to take on a dual career path right from the outset and are given the training and resources to excel at both their personal sales and team-building.

We have groomed leaders who have been promoted to Division Directors to helm their own divisions and are always on the look-out for like-minded individuals to join us and build their teams together with us.

At Nicole Lim Divisions, we are fully aligned with ERA CEO Marcus Chu’s mantra “We Rise by Raising Others”, and it is our belief that the essence of leadership lies in empowering and helping others. If this resonates with you, schedule an appointment to explore our:

  • Frameworks for recruitment of both new and experienced agents.
  • Opportunities to lead Division, Cross-Division, Group and even Company initiatives.
  • Recognition programs to brand yourself and stand out.
  • Training systems to help new agents get started quickly, experienced agents to breakthrough and team leaders to hone their leadership abilities.

Our programs are never static. We are constantly updating and adapting them to suit the ever-evolving industry and to ensure our agents benefit from them.

Leverage is Key

We welcome you to LEVERAGE on our existing support and platforms so you can shine as a leader and build a strong team quickly.

Team management can be difficult and tedious, but it need not be. Reach out to us and let us share with you how the right mindset, culture and environment makes team management much easier and at the same time, rewarding and fulfulling!

– Simon Sinek

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